Our services are delivered under the brand name YesHost. To date, we have accumulated extensive experience in finding and implementing large-scale and high-tech solutions for all types of online businesses. For beginners or small projects, virtual servers are available, while professionals and large-scale projects can benefit from dedicated servers and private cloud solutions.
  • Our datacenters
    Our primary data center is located in Prague, Czech Republic. We hold the LIR (Local Internet Registry) status in RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre). We are directly connected to leading telecommunications operators, ensuring reliable and high-performance connectivity.
  • high quality equipment
    We own all networking and server equipment. Our network is built using Juniper solutions, while our servers are based on solutions from SuperMicro, DELL, and HPE. This ownership enables us to have full control over our infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for our services.
  • Technical staff
    Our technical staff possesses the highest level of qualification, holding the necessary certifications and permits to work with electrical and server equipment. Our engineers have direct physical access to the equipment 24/7, ensuring prompt maintenance, troubleshooting, and optimal performance.
  • individual approach to each
    We do not aim to offer the cheapest solution on the market as we understand that it may impact the quality of the services provided. Our clients are those who recognize that cutting corners on hosting, one of the most essential business tools, can lead to project failure. However, we can still provide several cost-effective options such as virtual servers and a budget range of dedicated servers.
  • solutions for every budget
    We can offer affordable and reliable solutions for everyone. We conduct project assessments and provide recommendations based on our extensive experience in the web hosting industry. Our expertise allows us to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that they receive the most suitable and cost-effective hosting solution.

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Technical expertise
DRaaS and BaaS
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