Virtual private cloud VPC

table of vpc
What is our VPC solution?
By leveraging Proxmox's cloud technology, we have built a high-speed and highly secure cluster of servers.
By combining the power of different hardware nodes into a single virtual environment, we can benefit from increased performance and resource utilization. This cluster architecture enables you to deploy projects quickly and easily, providing a flexible and scalable infrastructure for your applications.
The use of virtual private cloud (VPC) technology adds an extra layer of security to our environment. A VPC isolates your infrastructure and provides dedicated resources for your projects, enhancing data privacy and protection. This isolation ensures that your applications and data are kept separate from other users, improving overall security and mitigating potential risks.
With our setup, you can enjoy the benefits of both virtualization and cloud computing. Virtualization allows you to abstract and optimize your hardware resources, while the cloud aspect brings flexibility, scalability, and ease of management. This combination enables efficient resource allocation, rapid deployment, and simplified infrastructure management.
Overall, our high-speed, overprotected cluster based on Proxmox cloud technology offers a robust and reliable infrastructure for deploying your projects quickly, securely, and efficiently.
What is our network in VPC service?
All cloud nodes are connected using doubled 10G and 40G links. Virtual network and storage network are separated by domains. Clients could use private IPs together with of public IPs we offered, to build own infrastructure behind the firewall or gateway for example.
How we store your data?
We have built a Ceph storage infrastructure with 3x data copies. It is a hybrid cloud storage solution that incorporates SSD drives, HDD drives, and NVMe drives as cache. This setup offers fast reading and writing speeds in real-world scenarios.
To ensure reliability, we have implemented multiple duplications of data in different parts of the cloud, as well as duplication of the nodes themselves and the connections between them. These redundant copies of data and the duplicated nodes and connections contribute to the overall reliability of the infrastructure.
By leveraging a hybrid storage approach, where SSDs provide fast read and write speeds, HDDs offer larger storage capacities at a lower cost, and NVMe drives serve as cache, we optimize performance and cost-efficiency.
The multiple data copies within the cloud and the duplication of nodes and connections enhance data availability and resilience. In case of hardware failures or other unexpected events, these measures help mitigate the risk of data loss and ensure continuous access to data.
Overall, your Ceph storage infrastructure with multiple data copies, hybrid storage technologies, and redundancy measures provides a robust and reliable solution for storing and accessing data. It combines performance, data integrity, and availability to deliver a secure and efficient storage environment for your projects.
What we offer to make backups?
Proxmox Backup Server (PBS) is an easy-to-use and powerful backup solution designed specifically for Proxmox virtualization environments. It provides a unified backup and restore mechanism for your virtual machines and containers.
Advantages of Proxmox Backup Server:
Seamless Integration: Manage your backups directly from the Proxmox web interface, making it easy to handle all your backups in one place.
Efficient Backups: Choose between full and incremental backup methods to optimize storage usage and reduce backup time.
Space-Saving Features: Benefit from data deduplication and compression, which help reduce storage requirements without compromising data integrity.
Enhanced Security: Keep your backup data safe with built-in encryption options, ensuring sensitive information remains protected.
Flexible Storage Options: Store your backups locally or on various storage platforms such as NFS, CIFS/SMB, and popular cloud storage providers.
User-Friendly Interface: Manage your backups effortlessly through an intuitive web-based interface that simplifies scheduling, monitoring, and restoration tasks.
Scalable and Centralized: Easily scale your backup infrastructure and manage multiple Proxmox clusters and backup servers from a centralized interface.
Cost-Effective: Proxmox Backup Server is open-source, providing a cost-effective backup solution for your Proxmox environment.
With Proxmox Backup Server, you can ensure the protection of your virtual machines and containers while simplifying backup management tasks.